Atlas of the Pacific Northwest

2018 Edition


The Pacific Northwest is a tapestry of landscapes. Major metropolitan areas abut forests, rivers, and bays—overlooked by mountains and deserts. Small towns dot fertile valleys, nestled between reservoirs and waterfalls. Few places can match this scenic diversity. Any visual representation of the region must attempt to do so.

Since 1953, the Atlas of the Pacific Northwest has been an invaluable reference for Northwesterners and newcomers alike—an authoritative portrait of the region. Nine editions have been released by OSU Press, the most recent in 2003. This 2018 edition is the first to be released in a digital, fully-interactive format, designed to highlight facets of the Pacific Northwest landscape with novel approaches to data presentation. Where previous editions of the atlas were designed to ask and answer questions, this atlas serves as a platform for the geographically curious to explore the region, providing as many critical questions as it does critical answers.

Beyond this page are maps of the familiar and the unfamiliar. Migration maps highlight human movement between the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the United States; a wildfire timeline chronicles the year-to-year spread of modern and historical fires; and the watershed guide abandons traditional political boundaries in favor of natural, hydrological borders. All data in the atlas were gathered from publically accessible sources, compiled using open-source software and coding libraries. This is an atlas designed to be open, responsive, and to satisfy the geographic curiosity of any and all interested.


Gareth Baldrica-Franklin
Lead Cartographer/Designer

Jillian Pihulak

Korey Jackson
Project Manager - OSU Libraries and Press

Janine Salwasser
Program Coordinator - Institute for Natural Resources

Marc Rempel
Technical Program Manager - OSU Libraries and Press

Special Thanks To:
Faye Chadwell, Lisa Gaines, Tom Booth, Bo Zhao, Mary Braun, Charles Robinson, and Todd Jarvis.

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